IAM Cloud is fundamentally a security company that specialises in identity and access management. We manage state-of-the-art encryption technology and security procedures that meet and exceed the security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy commitments of our government customers.

Routines written by leading cryptography experts

Microsoft Gold Partner for security

Encrypted customer data, keys and channels

Three layers of high encryption

Secure your entire identity and access mangement world with a free trial

Enhanced security on your terms

With IAM Cloud you can restrict app access by enforcing multi-factor authentication, idle timeout and force response timeout for increased security.  You can also manage access to all your apps via:

IP address and browser

Operating system

Geographic location

Time of day

We leave nothing to chance

On top of all this we hire third parties to attempt to crack our code and break in to our networks…but they never manage it.

We also host all of our our data and code within Microsoft’s ultra secure Azure data centers. Not only are these highly secure against physical and digital attacks, Microsoft obfuscates the physical machines that the data are held on from those who work there, so there is no risk of an internal breach.


Watch our demo video to see how secure IAM Cloud is